Pics: Rosso Brunello's Mall of India store sets retailing benchmark

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Boutique Store in DLF Mall of India

rossobrunelli-1Covering an area of 650 sq ft, high fashion premium footwear brand, Rosso Brunello, recently launched its exclusive standalone boutique in DLF Mall of India, Noida. The fixtures are a perfect blend of Italian flavors exuding luxury and sheer elegance with a tinge of pop colors. Eliminating the usual window display, the dummy doors at the entrance is the new idea we have experimented with – simple, minimalistic, chic, young and fresh define the look and feel of the store.
The new format of the store accentuates a French feel altogether with glossy chequered flooring, French windows with lacquered glass and vintage lamps. The display structures are created like niches, each one to focus exclusively on one particular product.
Brand Journey
Rosso Brunello caters to the varied style preferences of affluent urbane consumers across all age brackets. The brand brims with energy and vibrancy as almost every day a new product is manufactured, new styles are being added through continuous research and trend forecasting.
“The footwear market in India has evolved with time. Earlier owning one pair of shoe would suffice multiple occasions but now consumers look for different pairs for different occasions. They have become more fashion conscious and are open to try new styles and at Rosso Brunello we constantly strive to keep in-sync with international fashion trends in terms of style and quality,” says Managing Director Rosso Brunello, Sahil Malik.

Design Strategy

The design strategy of the store aims to make the store self-inviting yet minimal with a luxuriously sophisticated feel to catch attention. The whole idea was to drift away from the usual store design as earlier it was monotonous with no accent colors, dull matt finish flooring, a dark burgundy color was used as the main accent. So, to give a complete fresh and a boutique structured look we have now infused a lot of colors and chequred flooring which has made a big difference.
Design USPs
Use of pop colors:

  • Orange, Pink
  • Given a boutique structure to the store with a French feel
  • French windows with black lacquered glass instead of plain glass
  • Chequered flooring
  • Lamps to enhance the look and feel of the store
  • Bright orange dummy door at the entrance

Props Used
For shoes

  • Stainless steel stands for top shelves
  • podiums made out of wood with duco-paint finish
  • lacquered glass on top with orange and pink color – orange for men and pink for women

For Bags

  • Stainless steel bags stand for wallets

For Wallets

  • Wooden modular wallet modules

VM Placement

Visual Merchandising strategy of the store is to keep it minimal, elegant and sophisticated. The idea is to break through the clutter and highlight each and every product. We have an in-house VM team that brainstorms continuously to keep the look and feel of the stores in sync with brand’s vision and aesthetics.
Store Innovations
“We have eliminated the concept of a regular window display area and experimented with the idea of a dummy door to give a boutique structure to the store. The storefront has been kept minimal to breakthrough clutter,” shares Malik.
Store Location Strategy
We procure spaces in pre-eminent locations with high footfalls. Mall facilities, high streets and even airports are ideal location for expansion as they have the right audience.

In-Store Design/ Material Innovations

“We have given a complete French feel to the store with a French window in lacquered glass, chequered flooring, round in-store display tables. The whole store is grey in color with a pop of orange and pink to highlight structures,” says Malik.
There are separate display structures for other categories like ladies bags which are made out of stainless steel with focused lighting on each bag/ product. These structures are like niches. Various niches are created and every niche has one product so that each product is focused and highlighted. There is a module with French molding on top in pink color to highlight the product.
Product Portfolio
The brand features signature men & women footwear, belts, wallets, keychains and recently launched ladies’ handbags.

In-Store Technology

Technology plays a major role in the evolution of retail, and we think keeping up with such advancements is utmost important. “We tactically invest in data and technology and augmenting in-store experience. Since each shopper’s needs vary, there are multiple factors considered holistically when connecting with them,” says Malik.
The brand is in the process of developing mobile applications and installing iPads that will give immediate access to stores and product information. Apart from this we are also looking at installing LCD screens to make the stores visually appealing.
Marketing Strategy
The brand follows 360 degree campaigns to reach customers through multiple touchpoints. Adoption of both offline and online marketing techniques to reach our customers and constantly enhance their shopping experience. “We do seasonal offers, reward our customers on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries and more. Our CRM solutions team rigorously maps the minds of the customers and develop strategic ways of reaching out to them,” says Malik.
Expansion Plans
The brand plans to go off-shore in coming years and add more categories and even more style options. As a company policy, the company does not go the franchise route. All its stores are company owned as of now.

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