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Amazon expands private label offerings; to sell food, diapers


US-based electronic commerce and cloud computing company may soon start selling its own food and baby products.

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According to a report in ANI: Amazon will begin offering house-branded coffee, nuts, and spices, as well as baby food and diapers, under its own brand, the Verge quoted the Wall Street Journal.

Amazon is expected to launch three brands one at a time namely Happy Belly, which will handle basics like nuts, tea, and cooking oils; Wickedly Prime, which will package snack foods; and Mama Bear, which will sell baby products.

According to a USA Today report: Amazon has an even bigger incentive than Target and Wal-Mart did when they expanded into private-label products over a decade ago – Millennials.

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The report quotes an LA-based consumer analyst, Phil Lempert as saying: “In the case of an Amazon-branded coffee or detergent, Amazon already owns the customers’ loyalty and trust, which means its own name carries weight. The private label means the item is likely to be cheaper — a draw for America’s largest living generation, who are now in their 20s and early 30s.”

“Millennials care about quality and price and taste; they’re brand agnostic. It’s a sweet spot for Amazon,” he adds according to USA Today.

The first of the brands could begin appearing on Amazon’s namesake site as soon as the end of the month or early June.

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