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ISCF 2016: Effect of REIT on retail real estate, building a unicorn mall


Partner and Head of Building, Construction and Real Estate sector, KPMG India, Neeraj Bansal, presented a report at the India Shopping Centre Forum 2016 (ISCF 2016) on Real Estate Investment Trust Funds (REITs) and how they are game changers for commercial real estate in India.

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The report detailed how the launch of REITs in current times is expected to be a major relief for developers and could be an important reform to catalyze the retail real estate sector as well.

The Indian real estate sector’s growing need for additional sources of funds and the success story of global REITs has been compelling enough to encourage the implementation of a similar regime in India with requisite adjustments.

Globally there are about 500 REITs present in 22 countries with a market capitalization of over US$800 billion. Of the 22 countries, nine are emerging real estate markets.

The report outlined the framework of Indian REITs and their future and scope in India, their effect on the retail real estate sector and India’s dream of a unicorn mall – US$1 billion shopping centre development.

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