Snapdeal buys TargetingMantra

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Snapdeal announced its acquisition of TargetingMantra of Friday. The move that will benefit the e-commerce major in upgrading its shopping experience and offer better customer satisfaction. The acquisition amount, however was not disclosed by Snapdeal.

TargetingMantra was founded in March 2013 by former Amazon executive Saurabh Nangia and management consultant Rahul Singh. It works in the field management of customer life cycle through personalisation, targeting and big data analytics. They have offices in Palo Alto and Gurgaon.

“At Snapdeal, TargetingMantra’s team will further the on-going initiative to build the customer experience engine, which will personalise shopping experiences for customers,” Snapdeal realeased a statement, quoted by PTI as saying.

Co-founder, Snapdeal, Rohit Bansal, mentioned that he and his company is always looking for talented teams which have complementing tech skills.

“Personalisation is a key piece which helps consumers discover and transact in a fast, frictionless and intuitive manner. The TargetingMantra team comes with valuable experience in driving superior customer experience through machine learning,” Rohit Bansal was quoted by PTI as saying.

TargetingMantra – The Company

TargetingMantra is a personalization and marketing automation solution. It provides hyper-personalized web experience to customers by e-commerce companies. They help online stores target specific customers instead of showing the same content/products to everyone. As per them, no two emails, websites or app product pages will look the same.

Core Value Proposition of the company
1) Relevant content: Content of each email, notification and website is tailor made to each  visitor/customer
2) Emails/Notifications are sent at a time when the user is most likely to open/read them
3) Up to 152 per cent increase in open rate, and 86 per cent higher click rate, compared to traditional email.
4) The company gets 20 per cent increase in revenue, 17 per cent increase in conversion rate for eCommerce companies
5) Seamless one-line of code integration

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