Pics: Ashish Soni launches Concept Store in Delhi

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Defining his brand’s exploration of luxury with a modern aesthetic, Ashish Soni has ushered in a progressive sensibility to the luxury retail experience with the Ashish N Soni – Concept Store.
The designer’s new store balances minimalism and luxury through complementing details that range from customized furnishings and especially designed furniture pieces, to unique and unexpected wall surface textures; all against a soothing grey color palette that lends to and highlights the brand ethos.
The new is married with the old by throwing in classics like a Chesterfield Sofa, while also introducing a customized chrome-finished unconventional racking system
Playful concepts like the Art-like frames on one wall carrying clothes or the felt quilted wall or the central living room atmosphere, the idea behind the Concept Store is to reinvent the retail experience into a customer’s private fun house. Embracing a “nothing is quite as it seems” theme, inspired luxury intends to be beautifully marrying both boldness and simplicity!
And one can always count on the designer to pack the punch with his contemporary, minimal designs. His restrained sensibilities work well to emphasize the power of the product, while at the same time emphasize innovative and offbeat creative design solutions. The brand is confident of making its mark once again with this refreshed, invigorating and progressive architectural vision for this project.
The simplified and non-fussy interior promises to subdue the user with a true feeling of free flow and weightlessness. Combined with the ultra-luxurious customized furniture, display cases made from stainless steel rods and glass, the juxtaposition of highly engineered lighting installations, all these elements have created a sophisticated and sharp space that summons the spirits of success and indulgence without any cliché.
About Ashish Soni
One of the first few designers in the country to champion menswear — cutting suits and crisp achkans — Soni won GQ’s coveted Designer of the Year Award in 2010. Now he’s focusing on taking the menswear retail experience to the next level with a concept store in the capital’s hip Defence Colony.
About the Interior Designer
Vineet Mathur is a Delhi based niche architect, sought for his work in interior architecture and installation-based designs.
Experimentation at the confluence of dynamic design, defines his body of work, or ‘art’ as he believes it to be. He takes on a limited and select number of projects each year, to ensure his creativity balances out optimally with that of the clients’ vision. His portfolio spans farmhouses, luxury restaurants, schools, high-end retail and office spaces, & residential projects. Avant Garde, and with a unique conception of spaces, each piece of work to Vineet is personal.
STORE ADDRESS: D-24, Defence Colony, New Delhi – 110024
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