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Asus to launch smartphones in India


During the last few years, Indian retail market has seen the entry of many international players who are eyeing at establishing themselves in this booming market. Following suit is Taiwan’s , which is counted among the world’s largest personal computer makers.

Asus smartphones seeking home in India
Asus is planning to enter the Indian market and launch their smartphones. Also begin production with Foxconn

Asus, an established name in computer-hardware business is planning to introduce its smartphones in the Indian tech market. It is also working out a strategic growth plan where it would double its local production and cement its position in the market with diligent marketing.

The company with an aim to manufacture 600,000 smartphone locally, has joined hands with in Andhra Pradesh. Price range of their immediate models would be around Rs 6000. The later ones would cost above Rs 20,000.

Last year, in October, Asus had entered a partnership with Foxconn to bolster its presence in the mushrooming Indian handset market. The company started its manufacturing process with and then . This will account for around 80 per cent growth in the sales in India.

The Brand Story
The name Asus comes from the last four letters of Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology that represents the inspiration of art and learning. The company was founded in Taipei in 1989 by T.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh and M.T. Liao. All of them were hardware engineers with Acer. Taiwan, at this time was not an established name in computer-hardware business. Intel Corporation used to supply new processors to more established companies like IBM first, and Taiwanese companies would have to wait for approximately six months after IBM received their engineering prototypes.

The Success Story
Headquarted in Beitou District, Taipei , Taiwan, by 2009, Asus had manufacturing facilities in Taiwan (Taipei, Luzhu, Nangan, Guishan), Mainland China (Suzhou, Chongqing), Mexico (Ciudad Juárez) and the Czech Republic (Ostrava). The Asus Hi-Tech Park, located in Suzhou, covers 540,000 m2 (5,800,000 sq ft)
Till date, Asus operates around 50 service sites across 32 countries and has over 400 service partners worldwide.

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