Bengaluru retail outlet runs on trust model

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PC Mustrafa, founder of iD Foods has set up 17 Trust Shops across Bengaluru which run solely on the trust. There is no salesman, shopkeeper or camera eye to keep a check on the customers.
A fridge with his company’s products like popular breakfast and lunch options across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala is stationed in a public place, completely unmonitored. The Trust Shop operates in 12 residential locations and five KPMG branch offices.
The idea behind these stores is to trust consumers completely. And the consumers are also happy with these stores as they have access to the fresh food 24×7.
There are no salesmen or cash machines, only a piggy bank of sorts, where residents can drop off the cost of the product they wish to buy. Residents don’t need to pay immediately, but can pay in part, as it suits them. The stock is replenished every day, and is considered extremely convenient by working professionals.
With the pilot project achieving success in Bengaluru, the company will now expand the initiative to Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai.

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