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Product info on food packets to be more prominent


From July, all packaged food items will have to give prominent (read 40 per cent) display to six pieces of information, including manufacturing date, on their label so that consumers can read them easily.

Key categories driving growth of Indian Food & Grocery Retail Market
With present market size at estimated USD 455 billion, the category will continue to grow at about 15 per cent per annum over the next decade

The name of the manufacturer/packager/importer, net quantity of packed product, manufacturing date, retail sale price and consumer care contacts shall have to be displayed in readable font size.

Consumer Affairs Minister has asked Government officials for strict monitoring of this norm besides setting up of a mechanism to ensure complaints of aggrieved consumers are registered immediately.

Paswan also directed officials to formulate norms for increasing the letter size of the manufacturing date and best before use details and telephone number for lodging consumer complaints that are mentioned on water bottles.

The Consumer Affairs Ministry will also set up a quick response system to attend to consumer complaints and the existing National Consumer Helpline is being geared up for the purpose.