Celebrities should not advertise junk food: CSE

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Obesity and diabetes have become an alarming problem of this country. Looking at the repercussions, Center for Science and Environment (CSE), on the evening of World Health Day proposed that celebrities should not be allowed to endorse any kind of junk food.

“India needs to take measures to limit consumption of junk food. It should be integral to Government’s plan to contain diet-related NCDs. A set of comprehensive measures are required. It should regulate marketing of foods, drastically improve upon existing labeling norms, limit availability of junk foods in schools and run public awareness campaigns,” Deputy Director General at CSE, Chandra Bhushan was quoted by PTI as saying.

Based on the theme ‘Beat Diabetes’, CSE released a statement which read – India has more than 60 million patients of diabetes, of which Type 2 is most common. The reason for the disease becoming an epidemic is excess consumption of junk food, specially among children and teenagers.

“The food industry should not be allowed to aggressively target our children. No celebrity should be allowed to advertise soft drinks, chocolates, noodles etc. Broadcast of food advertisements should be prohibited on programs that are watched by children. No such company should be allowed to sponsor events at schools. No junk food should be available in or around schools. Mandatory Government controls are required as successfully done in other parts of the world,” Bhushan was quoted by PTI as saying.

Further to this quote he added “These foods are ultra-processed and are high in salt, sugar, fats. They lack fiber, vitamins and minerals and contain chemical additives. Such foods include carbonated soft drinks, chocolates and other confectionery, ice-creams, instant noodles, pizza and burger from fast food outlets.”

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