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Vidyut Pravah app launched; LED bulbs get cheaper


LED bulbs has seen depreciation in its procurement cost from Rs 64.41 to Rs 54.90 per unit. This has happened due to Government’s Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme as it is planning to further reduce the price to around Rs 85.

Vidyut Pravah app launched, LED bulbs get cheaper
Government's Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme has resulted in a drop in procurement cost of LED lights

“I am delighted to announce that LED bulb procurement price has dropped to Rs 54.90. It is 83 per cent reduction from Rs 310 just 20 months back,” Power Minister was quoted by PTI as saying, during the launch of app Vidyut Pravah.

To the above quote, Goyal further added “Our global share of LED in India has moved up from 0.1 per cent to 12 per cent in less than 11 and a half months.”

Vidyut Pravah – Electricity, Price Availability and Highlights app. will provide information about the availability of power in the country on real time basis.

The scheme implemented by The Energy Efficiency Service (EESL) has already dispersed 9 crore bulbs under DELP. On a similar note, other PSUs have handed out 6 crore LED lights to consumers. The total distribution of 15 crore bulbs have resulted in savings of more than Rs 4,500 crore every year. In January, the procurement price of LED bulbs have gone down to Rs 64.41 from Rs 73 per unit under DELP.

“We will procure five crore bulbs at Rs 54.90 per unit. After pooling the price of these bulbs with those procured through earlier auction, I think the average retail price should come down to Rs 85 per unit from around Rs 90,” EESL Managing Director Saurabh Kumar was quoted by PTI as saying.