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Al Carey to supervise PepsiCo in North America


New York based beverage multinational has raised executive to a position where he will be supervising all North American beverage and snack businesses.

Al Carey to supervise PepsiCo's North American business
Al Carey, an executive of PepsiCo New York will be heading the North American beverage operations

This move of PepsiCo will effectively consolidate the food and drink operations sprawling all over North America.

Al Carey, had previously led the North America Beverages unit, now he will be the in-charge of the Frito-Lay and Quaker Foods divisions all over the continent. Frito-Lay’s current North America head, Tom Greco, is leaving PepsiCo to become a CEO in a different industry, as quoted by Bloomberg in a report.

Carey, earlier CEO of Frito-Lay, has faced a lot of challenges in North America.Even though the region has outrun some overseas markets, consumers are becoming health conscious and hence are restraining the intake of soda and salty snacks. This has effected the market and sales.

CEO of PepsiCo, has struggled with the stagnation by cutting the expenses, raising prices and introducing new products.