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Snapdeal to add five lakh sellers before the year ends


Merchandise e-commerce is seeing a tug-of -war in the global market. There is a rat race going on between sellers who are setting a sky high target and it is becoming a news.

Snapdeal to add five lakh sellers by end of 2016. (Image Courtesy: Sorbis / Shutterstock)

In the same wavelength, , one of India’s leading online marketplace has announced that the platform has increased the number of sellers to three lakh and is looking forward to achieve a target of five lakh before the year ends.

Just as the online marketplace is attracting hoards of sellers every day, Snapdeal too is looking forward to an investment of Rs 1,320 crore, set aside for next few years. This repository will be helpful in enhancing the company’s supply capabilities.

“The cost of seller acquisition has come down by almost 50 per cent since last year. The new sellers on-boarded are largely in the unstructured category of general merchandise or home and fashion,” Sr.VP, Market Development, Snapdeal, Vishal Chadha was quoted by The Economic times in saying.

In extension to the above quote, Vivek said “The Government has chosen to bless the marketplace model with some safeguards that the marketplace should not act like the retailer.”