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Lux Cozi Glo brings out the light in you


For more than 50 years Lux Industries Limited has maintained its position in the hosiery segment as the market leader. Producing new and different products has been imperative for Lux.

For more than 50 years Lux Industries Limited has maintained its position in the hosiery segment as the market leader

As a brand, Lux always tries to bring in new products in the market providing more and more options to consumers. This year a new stylish range – Glo – is being introduced.

The new product line is extremely fashionable and exclusively targeted towards the young generation. The youth of today wants stylish and attractive inner wear and tend to go for products that bring in both style and comfort. The new range of products fulfill this desire with their latest trending designs, ultra soft fabric, and unique color.

The Glo range is being launched with three products currently that include stylish vests, fashion briefs and interlock drawers. The range is stunningly stylish with innovative designs and cuts. The florescent color waistline is eye catchy and the fabric is extremely soft on the skin.

The bold collection with highly strong stitches, unique cuts and patterns are very stylish and yet comfortable. Being one of the first in the hosiery industry to experiment with neon color, the company is confident that it will be huge success in Indian market.

Trendy and stylish, the new Glo vest from Lux is light in weight and extremely comfortable. Made from cotton rich fabric, this vest gives you a perfect fit and ensure breathability all day long. As Indian males are getting more and more style conscious, the new Glo vest from Lux will make them look more fashionable and confident. Just team this regular-fit vest with shorts to enjoy utmost comfort all day long. With its striking features and bold collection, the Glo vest is bound to be a hit.

Along with vests, Lux Industries is also bringing new Glo briefs and drawers, made from 100 per cent superior combed cotton that is an ultra soft fabric, and has a body defining fit. We crafted the florescent waistband especially for fashion oriented people. The superior cut, the stitch, and the pattern makes the products very comfortable to wear and the contrast fabric waistband looks awesome.
Along with the product quality and new designs, the packaging of the product has also been designed attentively. The innovative and stylish packaging of all the three products is thematic and enhances the product’s feel. Also, the Glo range of products is in complete economic range so that you can enjoy the richness of the product without losing much from your pocket. With these new ranges, the products selection has not just increased quantitatively but qualitatively too.

The company is extremely confident that the new range will be immensely successful in the market and will strengthen Lux’s position in the inner wear segment.