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Flipkart CEO’s email hacked, $80k sought


The official email account of ’s CEO, , has been hacked. The e-commerce major has lodged a police complaint against it which highlights that two mails have been sent from his email id to the CFO of the company asking for transfer of $80,000.

Flipkart CEO's email hacked, k sought
Cyber crime police describe it as a case of email spoofing

Cyber crime police describe it as a case of email spoofing, wherein messages are sent from forged addresses. Investigators have found the emails were shot off from Hong Kong and Canada using a server in Russia.

The emails, carrying the same message, were sent to , CFO of Flipkart, at 11.33am on March 1.Surprised by the nature of the emails, Baweja crosschecked with Bansal, only to find out they were a fraud.

It seems that the hackers might have used an advanced virus to hack into the email account.


Good afternoon Sanjay. How are you doing? Hope you enjoyed your day yesterday? Are you in office? I need you to transfer the sum of $ 80.000.00 as soon as possible (Urgent). Kindly reply this mail to know if you are in the office so I can provide you the bank details of the beneficiary for urgent wire transfer.


Binny Bansal-Co founder and chief executive officer, Flipkart online services pvt ltd, Bengaluru Karnataka-India