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Domino’s will use robots to deliver pizzas


They are pizza delivery persons with a major amount of pizzazz! And ones you won’t mind going out to meet. They are robots!

A military robot-turned-pizza-delivery-droid, DRU has been built developed by Domino's team in Australia

Fast food giant Domino’s is all set to test a robot to deliver pizzas in New Zealand, which could become the world’s first country to use the machine. The bot will keep food hot and drinks cold in its waterproof body, media reports said on Friday.

Known as DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit), the four-wheel robot was developed in Australia and is capable of completing deliveries within a 20-mile radius on a single charge.

The pizza delivery droid, DRU has been built developed by Domino’s team in Australia.

Domino’s New Zealand General Manager Scott Bush was quoted by PTI as saying: the robot had been in development “for the best part of 12 months” as part of the company’s focus on technology and innovation.

DRU uses the company’s GPS tracking data and has a sensory system that enable it to perceive obstacles and navigate its path and travel unassisted to a customer’s address.

The four-wheeled robotic unit travels up to speeds of 20km/hour. Once Dru reaches its destination, the customer enters a security code from their phone to tell the robot to open its locked storage compartment.

Domino’s says it all began in 2015 with a microchip and a big idea and finished with months of testing.

However, remember DRU is just a prototype and a statement from Domino’s reads, “While he won’t be taking the to the streets tomorrow, DRU is a big step forward in the work Domino’s is doing in the future commercialization of this technology.”