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Happy snacking for the health buff


Food fanatics who love eating but refuse to get fat can now choose from a range of ragi twisters, jowar puffs, fruit chews, granola crunchers, baked bhakarwadi, health bars and seed mixes sold online by the foodie entrepreneurs.

A snackbox packed with a fine selection of 5 varieties of healthy snacks

Chennai based Arun Prakash and Mary Shamla along with a friend Arul Murugan launched . The online portal has 40 varieties in its list that include almond and cinnamon flapjack, kodo millet crispies, ragi twisters, oat and nut laddoos which are scrumptious as well as low in calorie.

The search for healthy snacking inspired Devang Shah to leave his well settled job in Boston and come up with last year. He came to Mumbai in 2014 and formed a gamut of dieticians, nutritionists and chefs and started ’s 52 snacks which had  nuts, nutri mixes, fruit chews, health bars and cookies in its menu.They also introduced pay-as-you-eat model, one month box which would have five snack packs of 150 gms for Rs. 999.

Jasmine Kaur, a staunch Punjabi decided to crop up some healthy snacking options. She launched The Green Snack Co last year and introduced protein-rich product puffs with six super grains quinoa, amaranth, ragi, soya, rice and corn. A pouch of 30g pouch of kale chips sells at Rs 200, the quinoa puffs at Rs 80 for 50 grams.

All these set ups have said no to artificial colour, sweeteners and harmful chemicals. Fab Box, in its first order calls up the customer and inquires about his taste and health profiles. After noting down everything, they recommend the right dish or product which will satiate his taste buds as well as be good for health.

Looking at the popularity of these online snackers, the corporates, too, are getting into this business. Chief performance officer, Ramco said in a report of The Economic Times “They’re made available round the clock, as we believe one cannot help munching at the workplace, and snacking doesn’t have a fixed time.”