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Contours inspires women to hit the gym


The women special gym, , in Bengaluru has taken up the responsibility to educate and spread awareness among women. They have all female trainers which is a big relief for those traditional females, who are uncomfortable with the male trainers.

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The women's only space spreads health awareness

Branched out from , headquartered in the US, this international chain since 2006 has opened 11 gyms in India and is further growing. It caters to women from all walks of life and age groups.

The Koramangalam centre was launched in July 2011 by Chandra Gopalan, an established marathon runner. It further spread out to Taverekere, Adugodi, Bommanahalli etc. Today it has around 250 members and the centre is looking forward to advertise through website, blogs and social media. This would not only increase their business, but will also spread awareness among women toward a healthy lifestyle and the importance of daily work out.

Since obesity is a major problem for women of this country, Contours offer membership plans for fat loss which targets on losing fat and lean muscle mass resulting in a slim, fit and toned body.