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Amazon hires 20 jets to deliver faster


has signed a deal with , to lease out 20 Boeing 767 wide body freighter aircraft. This act will help them in making one and two day deliveries to the US.

Amazon leases 20 Boeing 767 for Air Transport Services Group

Earlier the group had to rely on third party shippers like and , but things will now speed up as Amazon will be functioning as its own in-house delivery network. Although the Air Transport Services Group has refused to declare that the leasing deal will be an overnight game changer, but they do accept that Amazon will surely help them in reducing the delivery time.

“We offer Earth’s largest selection, great prices and ultra-fast delivery promises to a growing group of Prime members and we’re excited to supplement our existing delivery network with a great new provider, ATSG, by adding 20 planes to ensure air cargo capacity to support one and two-day delivery for customers,” Senior Vice-President Worldwide Operations & Customer Service, Amazon, Dave Clark said in a statement to The Economic Times.