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Lupin buys GAVIS Pharma for further development


Drug major declared the completion of acquisition of the US-based Pharmaceuticals LLC and Novel Laboratories (). This venture will scale up the company’s status in US generic market and will also have a control on high-value and niche generics.

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Lupin buys GAVIS to enhance its scale

GAVIS offers Lupin an advanced US-based manufacturing unit and a super skilled research organisation. This would surely complement its R&D centre at Florida for their inhalation products. The group is specialised in pharmeceutical formulation, manufacturing, packaging, sales, marketing and distribution.

“The GAVIS portfolio augments our US business and niche generic pipeline. We plan to leverage the formulation expertise of Gavis to enhance both Lupin’s generic as well as specialty pipeline.” says Lupin CEO Vinita Gupta in an Economic Times report.

It presently has more than 60 abbreviated new drug application () filings which are waiting for an approval from the US FDA. It also has more than 65 products under GAVIS’ pending approvals address for over $9 billion.The acquisition will create 5th largest pipeline of filings with US FDA looking forward to a $63.8-billion market.