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Rich rewards of aromatherapy



A good masseur, by using a blend of pure essential oils can calm and rejuvenate a person. (Representative image)

Aromatherapy is an alluring journey into an ancient healing art literally meaning ‘a therapy using aromas’. Thousands of years ago, sages discovered the medicinal properties of plants that used to cure many physical and mental ailments. The aroma oils extracted are so potent and concentrated that to get a drop of oil you may be require to distill 100 gms of plants!

Essential oils enter through the blood stream and are carried to every cell in the body, where they are most effective in promoting cellular health, balance and regeneration. They are volatile, natural substances and contain antiseptic, antibiotic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, re-hydrating and restorative in nature. Those essential oils that are drawn into the body by sense of smell are believed to offer psychological and physical benefits. Not only does the aroma of a true plant stimulate the brain to trigger a positive effect, the natural components of the essential oil when drawn into the lungs, is known to benefit physically, too.

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Spas use massage oils which are a blend of pure essential oils and pure vegetable oils for basic and exotic treatments. The most common massage oils are for de-stressing, pain relieving (muscle relaxing), calming, relieving fatigue (energising), detoxifying,
foot reflexology, fat reduction, jet lag, exotic ones for bridal and honeymoon couples. Spas normally function in two ways – the spa manager or a trained aroma therapist will keep a stock of pure essential oils and vegetable oils and blend different massage oils as per their treatment menu or theme. Here the advantage is that the spa has its own formulas which are unique and different from the regular products available in the market. In the second type, a spa buys readymade massage oils from a reputed manufacturer or they order for special oils to be blended by the manufacturer as per their treatments or theme.

Here the advantage is that the spa will always get a standardised product with consistent supply. The main concern with aromatherapy oils is that there are many synthetic essential oils available, which are cheaper and there are not many trained therapists who can identify the difference between pure oils and cheap synthetics. Quality analysis of essential oils requires thorough knowledge of its chemistry and practical hands-on work with oils.

Nirmal Minawala, the owner of says, life nowadays is hectic and demanding, which leads to restlessness, anxiety, stress, insomnia and other ailments. If the right combination of pure oils and proper technique is used, the way of massage can bring out a remarkable change in a person. A good masseur, by using a blend of pure essential oils can calm and rejuvenate a person. Many a times, spas allow clients to have a small power nap after massage, which is equivalent to a deep night’s sleep. If a pain relieving oil is used correctly, it becomes beneficial for sports persons and those who work out in gyms.

When detox oil with lymphatic drainage technique is used, one can see an instant glow on the skin, feel light and refreshed. The wellness industry is a boon, spas are demanding quality therapeutic products to rejuvenate and uplift treatments. Manufacturers with strong R&D, in-depth knowledge of natural ingredients are able to increase their sales which is a big boost.

As import of finished goods is expensive and inconsistent, the advantage and benefit lies with the Indian companies. Resultanly, they should now gear up in areas, such as quality assurance, production capacity and service to cater to the new demands.