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Luxury offered in lucrative packages


Salon India presents a few of the most lucrative packages running across the country for luxurious indulgence

Spa solace at lucrative offers

Aromatic Healing Hot Stone Therapy, Thai Sabai Spa, Bangalore
A Swedish based massage using water heated stones on the pressure points to bring together body and spirit with the added effects of heat enhancing the relaxation response of muscles. It melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism. The hot stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: Rs.2,800 + taxes

Raspberry Wrap, River Day Spa, Chennai
This slimming therapy and detoxification process starts with the application of a combination of oils and raspberry extracts. It helps in removing toxins from the body through metabolic acceleration. The heat induced with the application of the wrap,
helps in the absorption of all the minerals into the body. Along with the application of the wrap, massage is also incorporated to relax the sore muscles and help to rejuvenated.
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: Rs.2,500 + taxes

Pain Relieving Scrubassage,Four Fountains De-stress Spa, Gurgaon
A combination of scrub and massage, it’s performed using a special blend of clove and green tea leaves infused in a cream base. Clove is known for it’s pain relieving properties and reduces muscle soreness; green tea helps in exfoliation of dead skin cells
while increasing blood circulation. Also, green tea being rich in anti-oxidants, prevents potential damage from free radicals, thereby, promoting longevity.
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: Usual price is Rs.2,499 + taxes,
weekday discounted price is Rs.2,299 + taxes