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Spa-licious brands capitalise on the season



Bambooo Tree All Day Spaa brought back the Egyptian 2000 year-old treatment (Representative image)

New services, new menus, new brands and even new interiors! A busy time for those in the beauty and hair industry, Salon India gives you glimpse of the fresh services being added in salons and spas.

As the seasons change, so do the offerings of brands, salon and spas. The menus are
revamped with new services being added that are more in tune with the demand of the
weather, new products are launched and there is a sense of freshness! What’s more – spring-summer also heralds the wedding season, which definitely means more new
make-up and hair trends and skin-related therapies. Highlighting product preferences seen with the change in season, Rahul Dash, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder, Purplle.com shares, “You would see segmented solution- based products doing well in the coming season. Most brands are coming up with product lines, which are targeted towards a niche age group, concern or lifestyle. Commercially Ayurvedic and natural products will do extremely well. Summers typically pique the interest in tan removal and face cleansing. You would see consumers experimenting with soothing facial services. Haircuts will go shorter and hence, we expect the frequency of salon visits increase.”

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Hair and make-up
Going bold goes well with Spring Summer. It is the time to flaunt the skin with cropped dresses and shorts. The hairdo and make-up usually also needs to stand out. Tasneem Kothari, Senior Hairstylist at Raih Salon shares, “We have added new cuts and styles keeping in mind the season. The trends for Spring Summer 2016 are all about natural
and almost ‘messy hair’, the look is neater, yet spontaneous and easy to carry. To achieve this look the ‘Beach Wave’ from L’Oréal works best. It can be sprayed on the hair right after shampoo and conditioning and hair is then scrunched using a defuser.”

Hair colour for this season again needs to be sporty and no wonder hairstylists /dressers vouch by the recent rage by Balayage. Shares Kothari, “The ‘Balayage’ is a trending and is a smart way to hide greys or sport a sun-kissed natural looking look. It is one of the popular treatments at ‘Raih’ along with Power-Dose, Hair-Spa, Mythic Oil treatments and others.” The trending of Balayage is reiterated by Samir Lakhani from Juice, as well.

Sharing details on the cuts which Savio John Pereira is looking forward to are short haircuts like bobs, pixie and the layered bob with bangs. Says he, “Bob hairstyles are extremely versatile and one can get really creative with them. Fringes are a big hit and will continue to be popular. In terms of colour, bright colours are in. The funky colours that will make a melange autrio are purple, blue and pink. I also expect people asking for colour flashes of beige, blonds, auburns and platinum.”

Talking about the make-up trends to watch out for, Pereira feels that the no make-up
subtle look is over. He reveals, “Trends for spring 2016 is dewy skin, graphic eyes,
winged eye liners, fake lashes, statement lips, glitter and more. For eyes one can go for soft metallic hues of gold, blues and a grey palette. For cheeks, one can wear corals or dewy pinks and for the lips, classic reds and matte wines are going to be in vogue.”

On the products that a salon should use during spring summer, Pereira says,“Without doubt it would be the frizz-free shampoos and conditioners, leave in products that come in a spray or serum. Heavy conditioners and masks are not recommended as the hair will get greasier in the hot weather. So there will be more of cleansing shampoos and light conditioners. As for the skin, at our salon we use Dermalogica skin products and the Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30 sun block that gives a matt finish and an anti moist moisturiser for home care is recommended. At the salon, different treatments like Power Brightening Treatment, Ultra Calming Treatment and Age Smart Treatment are advised.”

International salon chain, Jean Claude Biguine (JCB) has been expanding its footprint in the country. With loads of international experience, the chain is well acquainted with trends that suit each season. Michel Baltazar, Creative Technical Director, Jean Claude Biguine shares, “This season is based on slightly shorter cuts,  innovative highlighting techniques and cuts to free movement.”


It is a time when people experiment with their cuts and colours and Baltazar highlights that respecting hair remains a priority for them. According to Lakhani, facials treatments which add moisture to the skin are advised to the clients in this season though he makes it a point to say that clients walking in usually know what they are looking for. However, it is always a good idea for the therapist or artist to suggest facial treatments based on the client’s skin type.

Spa-licious spring
Accentuating the beauty that is brought in by Spring, , co-founder, shall be making an important value addition in her ambiance. She says, “Yes we are coming up with a brand new open air lounge. Here couples will be asked to relax for a few minutes after their massage with a cup of green tea. The lounge will include comfortable lounge chairs, an amazing view and of course, fresh air.”

During this season, Zehra says that bubblegum pedicure and de-tanning or whitening facial will do well at her spa.

The Bamboo Massage has many patrons and elaborating on it, Zehra adds, “This a 2000 year-old treatment practiced in Egypt. Though it lost its familiarity, a few decades ago a woman from the USA reintroduced this technique. It is an innovative style of massage therapy and bodywork that works on the five elements of the body i.e. fire, earth, wood, water and metal. The unique properties of bamboo are passed to the body to create healing, restoration and balance. It enhances blood circulation and aids in deep tissue healing, spasms, trigger points as well as the elimination of toxins.

The Bamboo massage is an intense pressure massage, hence preferred by the female clients. The other signature treatment that receives a good demand is Doctor Fish Therapy. Bambooo Tree All Day Spaa was the first in India to introduce the celebrated Doctor Fish therapy in 2009. Where the onset of the new season need not necessarily mean a change in ambiance, it is interesting to note that many spas, especially those in exotic locations, have extend their treatments to be performed outdoors, thus, ensuring natural light and fresh air to add to the rejuvenation. In terms of treatments, summer is the time when the they are more focused towards removing toxins from the skin and body. Thai massages have caught a fancy for people across the globe and India.

spa rooms

Talking about the treatments that do well during the Spring Summer, Shital Nahar, Director and Spa Expert, Thai Privilege Spa by Inch by Inch Body Temple shares, “As per our menu, there are quite a few luxury treatments for this season. The hero among them would be the Siam Heritage and Scent of Siam. These remain our evergreen treatments.”

Elaborating on the treatments, she says, “In Siam Heritage, herbs are first used to steam and remove surface toxins from the body. The natural exfoliating treatment with a choice of Thai herbal scrub treatment with Siam aroma massage enables an improved energy flow.”

Shital has introduced special products to welcome the season. She says, “We have introduced Sarhain. The brand offers a wide range of skin care and aroma therapy products. There are prepared by harmonising natural extracts with indigenous herbs.”