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Shape your eyes the cut and crease way!


The make-up artist fraternity is going out of its way to create beautiful cut and crease eye make-up which define and elongate the shape of the eye. The trend is back from the 60s and looks quite promising.

The make-up artist fraternity creating cut and crease eyes the 60's way.

[, ] Make-up Artist

gauri kapurOrigin of cut and crease eye make-up The influence behind this advance technique is Arabia, as they are very bold. Cut and crease eyes make-up is balanced out to work for Indian women. It has been in the limelight for the past two to three years, but is now gaining popularity. Complementary lip colours and blush A nude shade and medium bright shades both work well.

Occasions to sport
First of all, this eye make-up can be worn by those who love make-up. If we go as per occasion it is best suited for bridal and night events. But again precision is the key. If you are looking for bigger eyes and stand out looks, it is a good option.

Best suited eye shape
As it defines the shape of the eye shape, it is suited to all eye shapes. However, if you are working on very small or oriental eyes, the make-up artist needs to know the exact space to draw a crease line, otherwise if you draw a dark crease over original crease line, it would be a blunder.

Preferred outfit
It is a strong make-up look, it goes well with ethnic wear or any strong outfit. But majorly, one needs to have a strong attitude to carry this look. One can also pair a simple dress if they want to lay all focus on eyes.

Your favourite colour combinations
My favourites are black and brown shades for crease line and soft off white for lid area. I like to pick contrasting colours and prefer using MAC Carbon, MAC Embark and MAC Swiss Chocolate.

[, Mumbai] Creative Head, Make-up India, Jean Claude Beguine Salon   & Spa

abhilasha singhOrigin of cut and crease eye make-up
It came into vogue in the mid 2000s and was introduced at the various fashion weeks across the world. Eventually, it became generic and today is being used in various forms and trends.

Complementary lip colours and blush
As this kind of eye make-up adds a lot of drama, the cheeks and blush have to be neutral. A loud colour can be used depending upon the occasion.

Occasions to sport
With cut and crease form of eye make-up, the eyes look very prominent. During a wedding or festival, this eye make-up can be done with the depth of crease colour varying from light to dark.

Best suited eye shape
Cut and crease eye make-up suits any eye shape.

Preferred outfit
This eye make-up can compliment any kind of outfit. It depends on how dramatic you want your eyes to be.

Your favourite colour combinations
I personally love working with gold and silver eye lids and brown or black crease line. I personally prefer Sheseido cream eyeshadows.

[, ] Makeover Expert & Director,

aasmeenOrigin of cut and crease eye make-up
The main purpose of cut and crease eye make-up is to give eyes a defined shape. In Hindi, we generally refer to Mrignaini eyes, the most beautiful ones, hence the purpose is to achieve the same with this advance technique of make-up. Now the nude make-up is out of the trend and bold colours are making its way on runways. The cut and crease eye make-up has made a strong entry in fashion world in past four years. The trend has come from Arabic and Turkish make-up artists.

Complementary lip colours and blush
One should keep the lips neutral and highlight the cheeks with natural pink tones.
Occasions to sport One should avoid wearing this make-up for daylight occasions and should wear it mostly in the evening. occasions. If one is comfortable carrying bold eyes, one can pick up colours like aqua blue, emerald green and black, otherwise, one should choose tones of pink and peach. Best suited eye shape It suits to all the eye shapes as the purpose is to accentuate and enhance one’s beauty by sculpting the eyes in a better way.

Preferred outfit
As it is bold and experimental make-up, one should avoid wearing it with suits and sarees. It goes best with fusion and experimental dresses.

Your favourite colour combinations
My favourite colours are earthy browns and wine colours. The brands I vouch for are MAC, Inglot, Faces and Makeup Studio.

Get the look

  • For doing cut and crease eye make-up, first prime your eyes with a good eye primer from lashline to brow. Next, use an angled eyeshadow brush to line your crease using any colour suitable to your complexion.
  • Next, with a fluffy dome brush, blend out that line by using the colour.
  • With a flat, stiff brush which is used to pack on colour, apply colour to the inner corner of the eye sweeping the shade in about 1/3 of the way.
  • Wipe off that same brush well and place the colour on the rest of the lower lid area.
  • Again, wipe off that same brush and use to the outer 1/3 of the lower eyelid making sure to keep the colour under the crease.
  • With the same brush, or a small, fl uffy dome brush, use the colour to highlight under your brow bone.
  • Now, using a gel eyeliner line your eyes on the top of your eyes and extend that line to create an effect. Then blend the colour on your lower lash line.
  • Curl you lashes and apply a couple of coats of your favourite mascara.
  • Use a bronzer to define your cheekbones and add a good highlighter on the top of your cheeks. Add a matte lipstick to finish the look.
  • And there it is, extraordinary stunning eye using all neutral shades that will compliment any eye colour and skin tone. This eye make-up is perfect for a dramatic daytime look or enjoyable night outs.