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Say no to chemicals, vouch for keratin hair treatment



Cysteine Complex Treatment gives a new life to hair

The is made from the finest botanical extracts with zero chemicals. It claims to be the only safe option to straighten frizzy and unmanageable
hair. Salon India meets , CEO, Beauty Essentials Pvt Ltd to learn more

About the company
Founded in India by the Kabani Family, Beauty Essentials Marketing Pvt Ltd, since 2006, is trading in premium hair care salon products and tools. It imports high-end hair care products from renowned hair care companies worldwide.

The product – Cysteine Complex
Cysteine is a compound already found in hair and it makes about 40 per cent of the hair’s natural protein composition. From the Amazon Series, Cysteine Complex works to restore the proteins in the hair that have been lost over time.

Key ingredients
Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein strengthens the hair cuticle by replenishing lost proteins. It has Cocoa Seed Butter, an antioxidant which protects and deeply moisturizes. Dendrobium Orchid absorbs and eradicates free radicals and Shea Butter locks in moisture to give smooth and soft hair.

Cysteine Complex restores and transforms chemically-treated hair to look manageable and luxurious. It works perfectly on the damage caused by chemical treatments, hot styling, pollution, over-exposure to sun and lends a brilliant shine and softness to the hair. When bonded onto the hair shaft, it promotes increased stability and strength. It does not have chemicals like formaldehyde, instead has the finest botanical ingredients and pure proteins making it safe for the client and the hairdresser. The product is mild enough to be used on children above 12 years of age!

Ayaz kabani

Ayaz Kabani, CEO, Beauty Essentials Pvt Ltd says: Since our incorporation in 2006, we have strived to bring satisfaction to the consumer’s beauty routine by producing and selling hair care products for salons under the corporate principle of ‘healthier and manageable hair’. It is with this spirit that we have introduced the Cysteine Complex Treatment, which contains only the finest botanical ingredients and pure proteins and has zero formaldehyde. We also recommend using any of the De Fabulous sulfate-free shampoos as sulfates can strip away the treatment. We aim to broaden our horizons from hair care to other products and bring a pleasant experience to even more people.