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Van Heusen hits high with in-store technology


Using all five senses to create an immersive experience while shopping, the newly relaunched 5,500 sq.ft Style Studio, located on 100 sq.ft. Road, Indiranagar, Bengaluru has taken in-store technology to a completely new level.

Van Heusen Style Studio, Indiranagar Bengaluru

The store’s experienced sales person takes every shopper on a personalised shopping journey using interactive devices that also help the consumer pick the right garment. The brand has partnered with Singapore based design studio Fitch and Delhi based interaction design consultancy Experiential Design Lab Pvt. Ltd., to bridge the online and offline paradigms with touch and feel as well as virtual and online retail.

The brand has plans to open another three to four Style Studios across the country.

Body Scanner

The body scanner helps to measure your exact size and gives you the right garment. The scanner takes a three dimensional image of the customer and maps it with the store’s available sizes.

Style Bar

The Style Bar helps a consumer browse through all the products available. It also helps the consumer to mix and match through a two dimensional viewer. The software helps to store the customer details for future use. The technology was developed as many consumers who generally walk into a retail store, do not have a clue about what is special about the garments that are on display. Generally a store sales person recommends a garment for a consumer and if they do not like it, the consumer goes about choosing their own. The Styles Bar also quizzes a customer on their style and recommends the best look for them.

Virtual Trial Mirror

The Virtual Trial station at the store, scans the customer’s mirror image from a floor to ceiling monitor. The customer can lock the image and by scanning the bar code of any garment at the store or select through the online library and then get a preview of the
garment on himself on the life size scan. If the customer likes the garment, he can select the garment, which will be updated on the salesperson’s ipad who then picks up the garment from the store and brings it to the consumer. There is another virtual trail
monitor located next to the in-store trial rooms, where a consumer can compare the clothes that they had tried on earlier.

Mood Themed Trial Rooms

The trial rooms have ipads installed on the walls featuring three different kinds of mood settings featuring day time and evening themes. A customer can select a theme, such as ‘evening’ which suddenly transforms the whole trial room lights into an evening pub atmosphere with pub music, which gives customers an idea of how the garment looks in that atmosphere. The trial room doors are sound proof, giving the consumer a personal and private experience in the room.

Touch Screen Customization

The Van Heusen suit section has touch screen panels that help customers to customize their own suits by selecting their own fabrics and colours. The software helps consumers to narrow down on their choice and then place the order at the store.