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Grofers crosses 50,000 daily orders


, known as an on-demand e-commerce mobile application has managed to cross 50,000 daily orders. The portal has not only provided a platform to the running and upcoming entrepreneurs, but has revamped its old strategies to promote the key markets which are trading well.

Grofers has revamped its old strategies to promote key markets

, Head of Brand Marketing, Grofers, says, “We continue to do well in existing bigger markets like Mumbai and Kolkata. We have temporarily shut down in tier-2 cities as those were a part of our experimentation. Shutting down does not necessarily mean slowing down as our objective is to go deeper in our key markets, cater to multiple target groups and bring some extraordinary brands and products on-board. Such strategic moves have allowed us to refocus and exceed expectations in the metros and tier-1 cities. Furthermore, with introduction of brands like Patanjali on our app, we had a 1200 per cent increase amongst the 45+ years consumer group.”

The move of temporarily shutting services in nine cities has helped Grofers grow its January sales by 22 per cent over December sales. It has happened for the first time, that twice in the month of January, Grofers achieved new peaks in its daily orders and crossed the 50,000 mark. This was driven predominantly by our existing customers and acquiring new customers for new categories. Grofers claims that adding new categories such as toys, watches and bags, partnering with world class stores like Hamleys has opened up a whole new segment.