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Safexpress uses truck container as art medium


, India’s largest logistics company, has partnered with this year’s edition of public art festival . Anchored by  Surbhi Modi, is an art initiative that involves top Indian and international artists create site-specific works.

The project seeks to capture the beauty and the dreams that a mere truck container can evoke

Speaking about the same, , Founder & CEO of Safeducate, India’s premier supply chain training institute and a part of  Safexpress Group said, “This remarkable public art festival will involve the creation of a very unique artwork, where an artist  will spend two weeks in a truck container, painting it and making it the canvas for his expression. Trucks are rarely the subject  of casual conversation, unless of course one is voicing their many negatives. This extraordinary project, however, seeks to change that. It seeks to capture the beauty and the dreams that a mere truck container can evoke leaving the staunchest among us incredulous and hopefully, believers.” This incredible project of converting a truck container into a piece of art has been conceptualized by .

“We have placed our truck container at the Mall at New Delhi. Here renowned artist Bhuwal Prasad, who has previously exhibited at the 6th , will create his latest masterpiece live on the theme of GO GREEN. The container itself is a unique green innovation by Safexpress Group, wherein we have been continuously refurbishing old, end-of-life containers to develop mobile Container Schools. In this case, we are creating a mobile artwork, which will spread the vital message about conserving our resources and saving our environment,” said Divya Jain.

Notably, Safexpress has been driving its ‘Go Green with Safexpress’ campaign for the last decade. They have educated millions about the importance of going green and have helped countless firms develop a Green Supply Chain.