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Banyan Tree Spa: Bali rooted in tradition


Located amidst lush tropics and vast ocean space, the Banyan Tree Spa in Bali, Indonesia, is a tranquil escape from the mundane. The Balinese-inspired interiors and
tropical garden spa concept further add to the grandeur.

Banyan Tree Spa, a tranquil escape from the mundane

About the spa: Banyan Tree Spa, like the tropical and sacred tree that inspired its name, is an intimate retreat that blends romance and serenity with exotic sensuality, providing a sanctuary for the senses. A pioneer of the tropical garden spa concept, it is a haven for physical and spiritual renewal. The spa features opulent treatment pavilions,
adorned by distinct Balinese interior design, set amidst the lush tropics and vast ocean scape. Using a high-touch and low-tech approach that celebrates human touch coupled with the use of natural herbs, spices and aromatic oils, the treatments are inspired by Asian traditions that have been passed through the hands of many generations.

About the services: The professional spa therapists of Banyan Tree Spa Ungasan are trained at the exclusive Banyan Tree Spa Academy which was first set up in Phuket in 2001 and is accredited by Thailand’s Ministries of Education and Public Health. Banyan Tree Spa Academy was also established in Bintan, Indonesia in December 2003. girls at spaFirst-time visitors to Banyan Tree Spa are encouraged to experience the signature Royal Banyan featuring the exclusive Banyan Herbal Pouch Massage, which combines the best of East and West massage techniques and uses a harmony of intricate and rhythmic strokes to ease away tension and work its magic on the senses.

To showcase the local culture and indigenous ingredients, a category of the spa menu is dedicated to traditional therapies reflecting the uniqueness of the spa destination. At Banyan Tree Spa Ungasan, the Indonesian Traditions category lends local flavours to the treatment packages, which include the famous Javanese Lulur, inspired by the imperial treatment practiced in Central Java since the 17th century, which is traditionally used herbsby Javanese brides as a purifying ritual before marriage and Balinese Boreh, a unique men’s package that combines healing Indonesian treatments to soothe aching muscles and restore the skin’s natural balance. The duration of the packages is 150 minutes of treatments and 30 minutes of refreshments and relaxation.

runruangKanruethai Roongruang, VP/Executive Director of Spa Operations, Banyan Tree Spa and Gallery Worldwide

We believe that some of the top criteria that make a great spa are a relaxing and indulgent ambience that embraces the five senses; unique destination for a memorable sense of place and most importantly, consistent international high standards of spa therapists and services, which is fundamental and paramount to the delivering of the Banyan Tree Spa experience. Step into the award-winning Banyan Tree Spa Ungasan and let your soul know utter peace with the spa’s signature range of Asian therapies. Enter the restful sanctuary of our spa pavilions charmingly and distinctively touched by Balinese architecture and achieve wellness through time-honoured Indonesian remedies, beauty practices and spa rituals.

Architect: Architrave Design & Planning Co Ltd
Address: Banyan Tree Spa Ungasan, Jalan Melasti, Banjar Kelod,
Ungasan, Bali 80364 Indonesia
Contact details: Tel: +62-361 300 7000, Fax: +62-361 705 037
Website: www.banyantreespa.com