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Neemrana Spa: Where grandeur comes alive



The 15th century fort is home to the famous Neemrana Spa

Ahoi Haolai Sitlhou

, Founder of Oriental Senses shares the basis of The Spa at Neemrana Resort.

Do tell us about .
is a 15th century property, one of India’s oldest heritage spa resorts, near Delhi. Operated by Oriental Senses, the spa is spread over 4000 sq ft. It comprises of a contemporary gymnasium, outdoor sunlight-spectrum yoga and meditation areas and offers an array of Ayurvedic and international therapies.

What is it USP?
We are a ‘Spa with a Cause’, to be precise, a social cause. Most of our therapists come from the strife-torn north-east region of India where job opportunities are almost non-existent and the unemployment rate is one of the highest in the country. We provide free training for candidates from this region and absorb them in our company.

inside nimrana

How differently has the spa been positioned as compared to other spas in luxury properties in India?
We like to be call ourselves, a heritage spa with a modern touch, as our guests get a taste of the lifestyle of Indian royalty, but with the modern day comforts. Also, we focus on training and providing a world class spa without burning a hole in your wallet.

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What are the therapies offered?
We offer both international and Ayurvedic therapies like the traditional Indian Abhyanga, Balinese, Lomi Lomi, Western and signature Neemrana therapies, besides a host of other services like facials, body scrubs and more. There are complimentary yoga sessions for the guests.

What are the brands and products that are used?
At Neemrana Spa, we use our own blend of oils and handcrafted body scrubs, since we strongly believe in keeping it as close to nature as possible.

How are therapists hired?
We follow a very stringent hiring process, which also includes a practical screening test where the technical skills of the therapists is thoroughly scrutinised personally by our founder, Ahoi Haolai Sitlhou, who is herself a diploma holder in various spa therapies from Thailand and Indonesia.

What is the on-the-job training that they receive?
Besides the technical skills training, our main focus is on the Standard Operating Procedures and we ensure that all our therapists follow it.

What is the marketing strategy employed to make the spa a success?
We strongly believe that the best marketing strategy is by word of mouth. So, we want to focus on giving our guests the best and unique experience and the rest will be taken care of by itself.

How do you plan to invite clients and retain them?
We do offer a lot of attractive spa packages for groups, couples, special occasions and more, and we also plan to come up with a membership plan soon.

What is the advice you would give to an aspirant who wishes to pursue a career in the spa and wellness industry ?
The spa and wellness industry in India is growing really fast and one can make a great career in it. You just have to be flexible, willing to learn new things and above be strong in ethics and you are set to touch the sky!