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Roseanna Velin: Eye for detail


Celebrity make-up artist, , has her hands full as she juggles the British Hair Dressing Awards Collections, fashion campaigns and films. Velin speaks exclusively with Salon India about her journey, craft and more.

From British Hairdressing Awards to fashion campaigns Roseanna Velin creates wonders.

What inspired you to become a make-up artist and what are the courses you Roseanna Velin have taken up?
I have always been a very creative person with an interest for visual arts. I was inspired by music videos and movie characters as a child and saw that make-up can be a great form of self-expression. I did part of a BTEC Make-up course when I was 17, but dropped out part way because the course wasn’t as in depth or creative as I had imagined. I am mainly self taught.

What are the projects undertaken so far?
I have worked on hundreds of projects! From British Hairdressing Awards collections to fashion campaigns and short films, my work is varied and that’s what I love.

Which is your favourite make-up look and what are the brands your swear by?
I don’t have a favourite make-up look as such. Brands, again I don’t have one favourite brand. The products in my kit are carefully selected for a long-lasting professional finish and include brands like, Illamasqua and , which is a new brand specialising in vegan make-up.

What are the challenges this profession entails?
The industry is very competitive. There are a lot of other make-up artists who want what you’ve got and will do anything to get it.

How do you connect with your clients and how do you make them comfortable in the process of giving them a makeover?
Being a make-up artist, you need to work closely with models, actors or brides. It is a very personal experience for both. So having good people skills are needed to create a relaxing atmosphere and level of trust with the other person. Being understanding, patient and kind is also important.

How did you set yourself apart to establish your professional background?
I just be myself. There’s nothing I do especially.

How important the opinion and interest are of a client while doing their make-up?
It is very important to consider the opinion and interest of the client, but it is also important for the client to trust you as the artist. Communication is the key.

What are your strengths?
I can work quickly and efficiently. I have the confidence to create any look and always have plenty of ideas. When working creatively, I have no limitations and am not afraid to push boundaries.

What are your views on the Indian beauty industry?
I work with a lot of Indian brides and I love the Indian bridal make-up looks. My favourite look for a bride is classic and timeless, but with a very fresh and  clean finish.

What are your future plans?
That’s a secret!