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An initiative of Ashish Rego and Allen John, Beautypolis aims to bring together on one
common platform the major stakeholders in the beauty and wellness industry of India.

What was the inspiration behind creating Beautypolis?
In the time spent by us working closely with various stakeholders in the beauty industry, we have come to realise the importance of an organised functioning. In an industry that is currently facing major challenges in coordinating, there was a definite necessity for a unifying entity. It would bring together all major stakeholders on one platform. Allen, with his wealth of experience in the beauty industry, and I, with my tremendous experience of the media and business industry, decided to join forces to take on this challenge. left to right

How are you promoting Beautypolis?
Beautypolis is being promoted on various platforms, be it print, audio visuals, internet, co-branding activities and videos, e-mailers, advertisements, sponsorships, ground promotions, social media marketing and partnering. It is a Digital Partner with major international beauty trade shows that are held in India and abroad.

How many ‘hits’ have you managed since inception? How many members?
It is currently too early to begin speaking about hits, traffic and members. Let’s say that we are currently focused on building value for our subscribers, partners and associates and concentrating on first achieving the high standards that we have set for ourselves. Our focus is only on inventing and reinventing ourselves to perfect our pioneering effort of being a platform that facilitates ease of doing business.

What were the challenges you had to face?
The primary challenge was the site design and structure. As it is a pioneering effort, things are always complicated and work and re-work is constant. The gamut of the site is huge and no one has attempted something of this size before. The site covers trade shows, beauty expos, jobs, products, services, education, franchising, wholesale and retail deals, e-stores, blogs, networking and much more. The next challenge is to expand the activity and engagement on the site itself by educating people about the opportunities available on the site. Building traffic and constant updated content is our current challenge.

What are the opportunities that have emerged from it?
We have instituted a property known as The Beautypolis Awards to celebrate excellence in the beauty industry. We have also instituted a web series titled Journey to the Top that traces the path of various achievers in the beauty industry and is aimed at inspiring talent that is looking at making a career in the beauty industry. We are also closely working at developing affiliated associations both online and offline.

How many brands or products do you have on it?
We currently have around 15 international brands that will be shortly commencing business through our portal and we are growing day by day. Our focus is primarily only on premium quality brands and not regular mass based products that are easily available at throw away prices.

What are the plans for the future?
Our aim is to build on this platform and then expand globally to make the entire world a
Beautypolis, a global city where looking and being beautiful is only a fingertip away.

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