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Sleek Wax: On a route to success



100 per cent natural, made from the best quality refined sugar

What is your professional background?
I became an entrepreneur at age 20, at that time, I Rahul Sharmawas studying and simultaneously learning the ropes of the new business. I inherited it from my father, R C Sharma who was my mentor and inspiration. He had experience in sales and marketing and all his formulated policies have helped our products to be accepted and
recognised in the cosmetic industry.

What is your current roles and responsibilities?
As we have grown multifold in terms of sales, my role and responsibility has increased. Our core focus is to come out with innovative products that are at par with international brands in the hair removing segment. As a Director, I will continue to focus in the same direction along with my administration, sales and marketing teams.

What inspired you to get involved in the business of skin care?
Since the pre-historic time till date, skin care has always been the prime concern of women. Right from haldi-chandan to gold diamond facials and more, we came up with wax, which is now the most integral part of every salon. This drove me to be a part of the booming skin care industry.

What is the USP of the brand?
is 100 per cent natural and is made from the best quality refined sugar available in the country with no side-effects. It is 100 per cent water soluble when compared to other waxes that are being imported from other countries and are 100 per cent chemical based waxes.

What are the marketing strategies adopted by the brand?
We have a very strong marketing and distribution network of over 650 distributors in India and 27 states have our super stockists. At the management level 1, we have six top level managers and 70 sales people comprising of national, zonal and area level sales representatives.

How amany SKUs do you have?
As sleek is being recognised as the only waxing product in the country, we have a limited SKU base. Our age old product Sleek Hot Wax, Sleek Cold Wax are two popular
variants and we have added two flavour variants of Chocolate and Aloe Vera. The most popular one is Sleek Wax Pack used to remove facial hair.

How are the products priced and where all are they available?
Sleek Wax has always a hit with the middle class and upper middle classes, which is the
reason it is competitively priced. It is available Pan India.

What are your views on the beauty industry of India?
There is drastic upliftment of the beauty and salon industry in India. By way of new products, by way of new learnings and by way of new salon chains entering into the market, I see complete revolution for all the people who are emphasising on hygenic and innovative products. It is going to be a booming industry. The staff is more educated and overall, the approach is more professional.

What are your plans for brand?
We will continue the focus on the hair removing segment, offering many more innovative and advanced products to our consumers. To give an example, soon, we are planning on introducing quick and easy to use hair removing strips. In the next two years, we will consolidate our position as a top most hair removing brand in India and across the world.