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Rejuvenate the Tekno Derm way



Collagen Induction Therapy improves texture, firmness and hydration of the skin

Private Limited give an insight into their sought after range of treatments and products for skin care and aesthetics. The top five treatments and products include some new innovation by the brand, while others are the ones you may be aware of, but are here to stay.

teckno derm, Director, Tekno Derm MediEquip, shares the five popular treatments and products to watch in 2016, exclusively with Salon India

Microneedling or
The holes or micro-wounds caused by microneedling triggers the body to fill in these holes by producing new collagen and elastin in the dermis along with new capillaries. The new blood flow and collagen production results in improvement of scars and rejuvenation of the skin. The texture, firmness and hydration of the skin are improved. Microneedling is also referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) which defines the procedure. The depth of the needle penetration dictates the level of injury to the skin and the potential results to be achieved.

It is an ultimate solution for treating multiple indications effectively, such as hair
removal, acne, photo facial and pigmentation. The device can accelerate permanent
hair reduction with Advanced TEC Cooling Technology for painless treatment of large
areas in SHR mode in less time.

machinesNon-surgical Face Lifting
Next generation of high performance Non-surgical Face Lifting will give great results with no downtime. It offers deep penetration up to SMAS Layer safely and is easy to use. Its main inclusions are skin tightening, anti wrinkle, reduction of double chin, improvement of skin tone and rejuvenation and an increase in skin’s elasticity.

It’s an exciting technology with Advanced Trans Dermal Delivery which helps to open the pores and trigger penetration and absorption rate of the skin. It involves structural distortion and transition of the bi-layer lipid membrane without damaging the function of biological cells due to the impact of short voltage pulses on cells and tissues for skin rehydration, collagen boost, anti wrinkle treatment, brightening, and more.

This aids in amazing facial rejuvenation. It provides amazing results by Advanced Vacuum and High Pressure Technology. It is the most gentle way of skin resurfacing with active molecules and ensures no lasers, acids or pain.