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    Furniture e-tailer Create Your Couch focuses on customisation


    Starting with the objective to solve a personal problem — finding and creating an apt piece of couch, adhering to one’s need and taste — (an interior designer and architect from CEPT Ahmedabad) and Arjun Thomas (a product strategist) have recently launched an e-store for furniture, Create Your Couch.

    Having spent the last five years furnishing multiple homes, both of them realized that finding a good couch is still a challenging process and there is a huge gap in the personalisation space.

    “Through our website, the client becomes a designer. We’ve defined our core experience around allowing the customer to interact and design their own couch so there is a more personal feel to the process and a sense of elation when you see your couch come to life for the first time as it is unwrapped at your doorstep,” they say.

    “We also conducted a primary research of the potential market in this space and found out that the next five years paints a huge opportunity for vertical players such as us in the organised residential sector,” they added.

    While the online furniture retail category has specialist startups such as , , and Urban Ladder, among others, Create Your Couch focuses on serving the specific need to personalise furniture.

    For those customers who need help getting their creative juices flowing, the website also has a section called “Design Freebies” that offer great design concepts that can help with their decision making.

    The services are only available in Bengaluru and Chennai for now.

    Website: www.createyourcouch.com