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Luxurious indulgence in lucrative packages


Salon India presents few of the most lucrative packages running across the country for luxurious indulgence

Get pampered, freshen up and restore your skin, naturally

Honey Body Polish, Alaya Spa, Delhi
Pure honey, fresh almonds and oatmeal are combined to create the rejuvenating body polish that leaves the skin radiant and supple. Honey keeps the skin hydrated and prevent wrinkles. Almonds add youthful glow to the skin while oatmeal helps in exfoliation of the dead skin.
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: Rs.2,300 + taxes

Javana Facial, Relax Body Spa, Gurgaon
It is an amalgamation of face pack honey and volcanic clay and this treatment is ideal for all skin types. It is an ideal way to pamper, freshen up and restore the skin, naturally. Facial massage is incorporated to enhance blood and lymphatic circulation. Then body glow is used for moisturising the skin rendering it soft and shiny.
Duration: 45 minutes
Price: Rs.1,100 + taxes

Charcoal and Lemon Facial, Space The Spa, Bangalore
This is a rejuvenating facial wherein charcoal removes all the dirt from the skin while lemon helps in removing blemishes and lightening the dark patches on the face. It leaves the skin supple and radiant.
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: Rs.2,000 + taxes

Lavender Soothing Foot Massage,Yung Spa,Pune
This is a lavender-mint aromatherapy massage which starts with a mineral foot soak in Dead Sea salts, lavender essential oils and peppermint essential oils. It is followed by a rejuvenating massage with focus on the pressure points. Lavender oil helps in relieving muscle pain and rejuvenates the body.
Duration: 60 minutes and 90 minutes
Price: Rs.995 and Rs.1,495 respectively + taxes