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Olaplex: techniques and trends revealed

designersAnkit Arora, CEO, Streamline Services, hosted the Olaplex Road Show, an interactive session led by eminent personalities from Olaplex, namely, Jordan Alexander Global Vice President, Education at Olaplex, Rebecca Taylor, Senior Director of International Education for Olaplex, Edward and Denise, Global International Sales Heads at Olaplex.The owners of reputed salons and hairstylists across Delhi were also present at the event. Olaplex, one of the leading brands in hair treatments is rapidly gaining popularity. The Road Show was an interactive format of proper briefing session on the latest colour trends, usage of Olaplex and also the latest hairstyle trends by Jordan and Rebecca were demonstrated.

Jordan briefed about the benefits of Olaplex before and after colouring sessions or thermal services like rebonding, straightening or perming. Rebecca demonstrated the balayage hair colouring technique using Olaplex on one of the models and answered the questions put across by the audience and guests. Adding to the chemical aspects of Olaplex, Jordan said, “Olaplex is a turbo-charged conditioning treatment that repairs disulphate sulfur bonds within the hair structure, which can be broken down by heat, colouring or other chemical treatments.

3-bottle-triangle-w-appWith Olaplex, the treatment is added into the bleach mix itself, so that while your strands are getting damaged, they are also being repaired, simultaneously. As a result, the number of bleach processes required to go from raven to flaxen, is vastly reduced to only one or two sessions, as the hair is able to withstand the ravages of chemical lightening.” Present at the event was, Celebrity Hairstylist and Brand Ambassador of Olaplex, India, Savio John Pereira, who shared how Olaplex is soon catching on with his clients. Commenting on the event, Arora says, “It is amazing to see how Indian hair dressers have recognised the power of Olaplex and have understood the science behind the ingredient. It is not a ‘me too’ product and is unique and different. The hair dresser is excited to use this revolutionary product to actually repair hair from the inside.”