Home Retail Digital coupons influenced buying behaviour of 59% online shoppers in 2015

    Digital coupons influenced buying behaviour of 59% online shoppers in 2015


    With online players burning cash on customer acquisition through discounts, coupons and cashback, the digital coupon Industry has witnessed a surge in awarness and usage of discount coupons and offers in the year 2015, according to a survey released by .in.

    The survey highlighted that in the year 2015, digital coupons and coupons codes influenced the buying behaviour of 59% of online shoppers, when compared to other means of promotions.

    Among the categories which were most searched for digital coupons were electronics & gadgets, food deliveries, clothes & apparel, recharge, among others.

    Keeping in mind the rise of mobile shoppers in India, the coupon Industry also witnesed a strong growth in mobile traffic and traction with 60% of mobile users using digital coupons.

    “Year 2015 was certainly a great year for digital coupons industry. Ecommerce has grown 10 times since last year and have become USD40 billion industry now which makes it one of the most promising industries in India. A shift to buying online continued at rapid pace and mobile devices redemption through variety of devices is influencing this trend,” , Co-founder, Shoppirate.in said.

    The rise of mobile shoppers will further accelerate the mobile coupon redemption in the year 2016, the survey finds out. “The digital coupons industry will grow by 25% in 2016 and we see mobile shoppers as the driving force behind it,” Kaur added.