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Himanshu Chaube


Ginger Ganesha

A management graduate by qualification, entrepreneur by choice and restaurateur by love, Himanshu Chaube launched Ginger Ganesha in April 2011, with a singular question: Why should a dosa always contain potato?

And therefore, running with the mission of ‘Making Dosa Amazing’, Chaube generated the concept of dosas with unconventional fillings through Ginger Ganesha, now one of the most popular restaurants in Indore.

“I enjoy being in retail because this is most exciting, volatile and interactive field of business,” he says, and adds that running a South Indian cuisine restaurant selling 125 types of dosas in North India is easily his biggest professional achievement to date.

But there are challenges still for Chaube. “The biggest bottleneck I face is understanding customers. It is almost impossible to work with a predefined formulae for understanding customers. In a city where there are so many different merging layers of customers, their preferences, consumption, choices are also very disparate,” he remarks.

Which is why he believes that to achieve full potential, Indian retailers must “Understand their customers with love”.

“Retailers must understand that Indian consumers are very different; they behave like children — very impulsive in accepting or rejecting anything, have short term memories of objects. Retailers need to work overtime and with skill to keep customers ‘engaged’,” he advises.