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    Dassault Systèmes launches ‘My Retail Theatre’ for Consumer Goods, Retail


    , the 3DEXPERIENCE Company and a provider of (PLM) solutions, today announced the launch of its new industry solution experience for consumer goods and retail — .

    Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, “My Retail Theatre” provides consumer goods companies with interactive, high-end 3D visualisation capabilities that let shoppers configure personalized products offline or online. Retailers can display their full product assortment regardless of physical store size, increasing consumer choice while reducing the need for large inventories.

    My Retail Theatre solution leverages product development data for consumer-facing usage, transforming it into a visual experience that benefits both retailers and their consumers.  Its digital continuity lets retailers create sales and marketing assets from the same 3D master model that was created during the product design phase, for consistent and seamless messaging across all selling points.

    With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s 3D photo-realistic capabilities, consumers can select, configure and personalize products in a store or on the web using a range of interactive display devices such as tablets, smartphones and touch screen-based systems.

    By replacing physical stock with 3D digital photo-realistic images, retailers can also offer consumers an extended product assortment without increasing inventory or compromising on the quality of store displays.  In addition, retailers can gain insight into consumers’ tastes and trends and maximize their online engagement.