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    Future Group launches next-generation Big Bazaar format


    Retail baron Kishore Biyani’s Future Group launched a ‘Gen Next’ Big Bazaar format to attract upwardly mobile young consumers, at Malad, Mumbai, on Friday.

    Future Group to set up C&D lab in Bengaluru
    The team at the lab is composed of technologists, engineers, data scientists, designers and consumer specialists

    The large format store is designed to stock premium merchandise across categories ranging from food to fashion. Big Bazaar Gen Next store is located at Infiniti Mall and measures 45,000 sq ft with new segments such as live non-vegetarian and bakery counters.

    Speaking at the launch, Future Group CEO Kishore Biyani, said, “Big Bazaar Gen Next is designed to give a multi-sensorial, smart and easy shopping experience that heightens the joy of shopping. We believe these stores will redefine the shopping experience and set new benchmarks for retailing in India. Big Bazaar Gen Next store in Infiniti is where many of our innovations and ideas to give consumers a world class shopping experience have come together and it’s great to see all under one roof.”

    Technology upgrade at cash tills that ensure faster checkouts, experience zones for multi-sensorial experiences for food products, wider merchandise and assortments across all categories and a whole new design that has full LED lighting, large digital screens, digital shelf talkers and energy saving technologies that optimise air-conditioning, humidity and lighting within the stores. Each of these features are geared to attract every segment of customers including customers looking for superior service, are time-constrained, or are technologically savvy and look forward to experiencing newness in every shopping experience.

    The stores are designed to be modular manner in order to go undergo continuous upgrade and incorporate more technology-led interfaces and innovations.

    Enhanced features like smart trial rooms, lounges for checkouts and endless aisles or digital interfaces that can take orders for products or inventory not stored in every store are set to be added within a few months.

    The second Big Bazaar Gen Next store in Noida (slated to open in a few weeks’ time) will be even more experiential and offer more services. The company will be opening more such stores and over time upgrade many of its existing stores up to these levels.