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    Clothing Retailer Uses Brain Waves To Recommend T-Shirts


    Technology is revolutionizing the way shoppers select their merchandise. Be it smart fitting rooms which give suggestions based on customer’s preferences or be it touchscreen-enabled robots that give a quick on-the-spot reference to latest products, retailers are capitalizing on cutting edge technology to offer never-before solutions to shoppers…

    The latest such eyebrow-raising experiment comes from that has launched its UMood t-shirt technology. According to a report in , the UMood system utilizes an EEG headset to analyzes the customer’s brainwaves. Once the customer wears the system, it displays a selection of images to determine the customer’s neuro-electric responses to each item shown. It then uses the information to assess a customers mood at that time. The customer is then shown one t-shirt from over 600 designs to evoke a particular mood. The idea behind this experiment is that a match between the customer’s brainwaves and the t-shirt shown will result in a sale.

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    The company debuted its UMood system in Sydney, Australia and it will soon implement the same in other stores over the coming months. The company is seemingly banking on the latest trends of using EEG and biofeedback response monitoring to determine the customer’s preferences in terms of design. Trade experts have coined it as “neuromarketing”.

    Recently, a company called Affectiva launched an offering called Affdex Emotion as a Service. It enables merchants to monitor facial expressions and emotions that can interpret emotions and convert them into usable metrics…

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