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Go Tech-Chic this Winter


Technology has advanced in the area of wearable tech, the quantified self and life logging have enabled us to enjoy comforts. Also, with global warming skewering the temperature zones the world over and each winter season ends up becoming more severe than the last and so wearable tech works well.

This winter stay warm and top of the techno-savvy fash frat by flaunting techno-chic. Just because we have to dress in layers for winter does not mean we cannot be savoir-faire.

Who doesn’t love multi-taskers. Here are some ways, where we you can fight the weather volatility and also get a winter gear to do more than just keeping us  warm. So, pick and choose from the essential survival kit.

Battery-heated jacket
Outdoor gear staples Mountain Hardwear have partnered with to introduce a battery-heated jacket that also powers and charges portable electronics. A flat lithium battery slips discreetly between the shoulder blades of the Mountain Hardwear Refugium Jacket to provide eight hours of uninterrupted warmth on the low setting (three hours on high), while simultaneously juicing up the favorite pocket gizmos–from smart phones to cameras to GPS devices. Also, one can get a fashion-forward look with ultra-thin insulation, fleece-lined hand pockets and velcro-closure cuffs. In short, it’s a go-to jacket to leave the excess power behind.

Wired hat
The inventors are finding new ways to let the cap stay on the head. A beanie cap from Nordstrom is actually outfitted with speakers that are built comfortably into the interior of the hat. This makes listening to music or taking phone calls super easy – even when the wearer is out in the cold and bundled up.

Ear muffs with headphones
This product has the swag of the youth look and fluff. These stylish earmuffs with built-in stereo headphones are two products for the price of one. The built-in volume control helps in easily adjusting the volume while on the go. An integrated microphone with answer/end button hepls to pause the music while you answer a phone call as well.

Light-adjusting goggle
Bolle’s new Gravity Modulator snow goggles have a polychromatic lens that automatically adjusts to light conditions, hence, the wearer does not have to change the goggles or lens as the weather shifts. The goggles come in two tints, Modulator Vermilion Blue and a grayish-pink Modulator Light Control. Both work in all conditions, even on days that start sunny and then turn overcast, producing a flat light on the slopes. The anti-fog goggles have good ventilation and an anti-scratch surface and can withstand normal drops and tumbles. The head strap attached to the plastic “wings” stands out from the main lens. Although this design feature makes the goggles look larger, it also makes it more comfortable when wearing all day.

Multi-functional scarves
nswer incoming calls, send a text, snap a photo and navigate through the phone’s touchscreen without taking the device out of the protective pocket. These are the benefits of the multi-functional scarve, which has zippered pockets with a see-through window on one end of the scarf that fits a phone, so one can have access to it even during snowy adventures. The scarf has another small pocket on the other end for holding key and cash. Peepsnake’s scarf, made with thick Polartec Wind Pro fleece, has a pocket that fits smaller phones, while micro 250 fleece plush scarf fits larger phones, such as the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

Warming pouch
This gadget-utility finds mention in the list only because of how its usefulness on frigid nights (or days). The warm pouch or plug-in pouch warms up clothes in just a few minutes. So, one can have pre-warmed clothing just before putting it on.

Self-warming boots
Columbia Sportswear has developed boots that use body temperature to keep the feet warm. It is made possible using a heat reflective liner, keeping the feet warm when it’s cold and snowy. Other variations and brands of ‘heating shoes’ are those powered by batteries. The footwear is powered by lithium polymer batteries, and a single charge gives four to eight hours of toasty toes, ankles and bunyans.

Heated socks
Battery-powered heated socks are ideal for those who suffer from cold feet and poor blood circulation during winter. With a switch that helps in controling the temperature, the battery-powered socks are sans the uncomfortable wires and keep the feet snug and warm. Heated socks come in a range of styles. Some electric socks are designed for home use and some are designed for outdoor purposes such as skiing, biking etc.

Touchscreen gloves
The touchscreen gloves allows to use touch screen phone while still wearing the gloves. Designed with special conductive microfibres, these gloves enable a touch response not just from the fingers, but the entire hand.