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Dollar Missy Leggings: Leggings conquering the market as the most convenient bottom wear


Images Business of Fashion talks to Vinod Gupta, Managing Director, Dollar Industries Limited about the emerging leggings (bottom wear category) market and the response of Dollar Missy Leggings after its launch.

Dollar is a renowned name in innerwear industry. Tell us about Missy Leggings?
Vinod Gupta (VG): Dollar introduced Missy Leggings range to offer premium quality women wear in casual and intimate category. Missy Leggings cover the daily-wear needs of women on the go. The leggings collection includes churidar, ankle length and capri in more than 65 attractive shades. They are great in fit and style, super stretchable and are extremely soft against skin.

What will be the USP of the brand, how will it be different from other brands in the same category?
VG: The USP of Dollar Missy product is its quality, standard price and high fashion colours. These leggings are ideal for all season, all occasion; be it formal or casual. The most exclusive facet of Missy Leggings is its soft, breathable fabric equipped with shape retaining technology that keeps it ahead of race.

What is the price range of the products?
VG: We keep our range very affordable. Missy churidar is available at Rs. 377, ankle length at Rs. 365 and capri is at Rs. 345.

Who are your target customers?
VG: Dollar Missy targets female audience. The brand is for those who are price conscious but aspire to wear branded garments.

What are your strategies to promote the legging brand?
VG: To popularise the brand, Missy Leggings, we are adopting 360-degree branding strategies both in above-the-line and below-the-line platforms. Missy Leggings’ new TVC has already grabbed the attentions of many and is receiving high level of audience connection. In digital base too, Missy Leggings are holding very active presence.

Missy Leggings has MBO presence all over India. Apart from that, partnership with the leading e-commerce platforms are contributing to the sales of the brand.

Share your views on the Indian bottom wear market especially the legging segment.
VG: The need and desire of Indian fashion conscious consumers have evolved with time and they have started allocating their priorities on variations. The most interesting trend noticed in women wear is in contemporary ethnic wear. Working women prefer contemporary ethnic wear and they find it more comfortable to match kurtis with leggings and thus make it every day dressing. Capri and ankle length are getting popularity for its trendy features and thus showing potential growth for knitted casual wear market.

Now, leggings have conquered the market as the most convenient bottom wear; replacing traditional salwar. Crafted in super-flexi material and with easy-to-wear features, these leggings are now worn with almost all type of clothing be it traditional- or casual-wear.

How has the industry evolved over the years?
VG: Initially leggings were worn for the purpose of exercise or as tights under skirts. However they have evolved in patterns and fashion and are worn as bottom wear with ethnic Indian wear and casual wear. Leggings are now available in varieties like churidar, ankle length, capri and in different style like laced, layered, printed and solids.

How has the demand by consumer changed over the years?
VG: The change in consumers buying behaviour have led to the introduction of new development in this field. The development mostly related to product design, colour option, style and fibre. Many transformations can be in colour, patterns and design. Apart from regular colours, flashy and bold colours, attractive prints, use of lace have been introduced. The stretch and comfortable fabrics with shape retaining capacity are being used to make user experience better.

What are the top Indian innovations in leggings segment that has completely transformed the scenario?
VG: The introduction of churidar, ankle length and capri are the most valuable additions in leggings segments that give ultimate popularity. Now women have the option to carry their tops with appropriate bottoms. Printed leg wear is also trending at this time.

What are the latest trends in leggings segment?
VG: Neon leggings, printed leggings, leggings with lace work, metallic look leggings, capri and ankle length are five most favored types that are in trend now.

How do you foresee in next 10 years in this segment?
VG: The Indian fashion consumers are more prone to value product with dynamism and innovation. The median age consumers are more aspirational in terms of lifestyle which will give rise in apparel market. Among women wear, we find the future of leggings is brighter especially in domestic market.