Home Retail Snapdeal is India’s cheapest mobile phone online retailer: Report

    Snapdeal is India’s cheapest mobile phone online retailer: Report


    The ongoing war between e-commerce biggies (, and ) to provide the best deals at lucrative prices has further warmed up with Snapdeal becoming the cheapest online store of mobile phones in India.

    Snapdeal dispels rumors related to potential sale
    Despite the clarification, the beleaguered e-commerce firm has shutdown marketplace Shopo in February after a year-and-a-half of operations

    According to the study conducted by Pricebaba, a location-based product search engine, Snapdeal offered the lowest price on 51 products, of the nearly 100 mobile phones surveyed by the firm. On the other hand, Flipkart and Amazon offered lowest rates on 23 and 20 products, respectively.

    The report, which primarily focuses on the war between online and offline prices of the mobile phones, suggested that out of 150 phones that were surveyed, 94 products were available online at cheaper prices while only 56 mobile phones were cheap in the offline store.

    “On the day of creating this report, the Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB is cheaper online with a price tag of Rs 50,900 listed on Snapdeal whereas the lowest price for the phone offline is Rs 54,000 in Mumbai. The difference between this is Rs 3,100 which is a considerable saving,” the report says.

    Further, where brands like have shifted their focus on the distribution from physical to online-only retailing, market leaders such as , Sony and Lava, still bet big on offline retailing and has been clocking in its majority sales from its physical retail stores.

    The report also notes that the mobile phone industry has seen a tremendous change in the past few years.On one hand, we have the established phone manufacturers demanding a premium price for their brand name, while on the other we have new entrants (such as Chinese brand Xiaomi) who have targeted the Indian consumers by selling their phones in through innovative ways and at competitive prices.