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Indian hair care market to witness a boom


The grooming sector in India is largely dominated by the hair care segment. The professional hair care market in India is said to be worth around Rs 1,000 crore. Commenting on the current market scenario of salon industries in India, Pushkar Shenai, CEO, Lever said that the chain is expanding at a rate of two salons per week owing to the increasing exposure and marketing strategies employed by the salon owners. Likewise, Lever is roping in LFW 2015 collections, while ’ partnership with is taking them a notch above other players. P K Hariharan, Country Manager of India, opined that the market is expected to grow depending on the varied trends catching on. Hair colours are slated to go double-digit penetrations from the usual single-digit ones, in the next two to three years. The readiness to experiment is playing a major role in the market boom.