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    Why Shoppers Want Location-Based Services


    A recent study found out that over 50% of shoppers prefer a location-based shopping service, because they feel it makes them more knowledgeable and better at arriving decisions. With the new-found power in their palms, m-commerce shoppers are looking for increasingly relevant shopping experience that is real time…

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    Here we summarize some really cool location-based services that are doing well in India;

    1) Zomato
    Arguably the most popular app for finding great restaurants and cafes, Zomato was among the pioneers of location based services in India. Offering an exhaustive database of food outlets around you, the service is considered to be a benchmark by some.

    2) DelightCircle
    It is a location-based mobile app that helps small business get local customers with ease. Replacing the age-old method of pamphlets, flyers, and coupons, the app lets merchants announce their services and deals online through the app and the same can be seen by shoppers living in the immediate vicinity. The app also rewards shoppers by giving them loyalty points and creates a delightful shopping experience.

    3) NowFloats
    A Hyderabad-based startup, NowFloats allows very small businesses to setup their website in just 13 minutes! At least that’s what they claim. Once the website is setup, their automated search engine optimization software allows customers to discover the merchants via a location-based search. It also helps people like doctors, florists, beauticians etc to provide local services.

    4) Hoppr
    For foodies who love to check out on great deals around them, Hoppr offers a location-based service. First the app detects your location based on GPS and then it lists all the food outlets around you that are offering deals and discounts. You can segregate the listings based on your choice of cuisine or distance from your current location. The app was created by Md. Imthiaz and is backed by Bharti Soft Bank

    5) LocalBeat
    This GPS-enabled app allows users to know what’s happening around them. Local merchants and NGOs can give updates to customers regarding latest products, services, and activities. Users can also check out news and events around them and share those updates with friends using Facebook , Twitter etc. The app interestingly targets NRIs so that they can get a feel of what’s happening around their home.

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