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Bonjour’s health socks: Judicious mix of fashion and health


Bonjour, the renowned socks manufacture has launched Health Socks for its discerning customers. Raj Kumar Jain, MD, Bonjour shares with Images Business of Fashion the advantages of the specially designed socks range.

A renowned manufacturer of quality socks, Bonjour has designed and launched Health
Socks for those who are on their feet most of the day or suffer from various health problems. Priced at Rs. 165, Health Socks is available at City Centre Mall, Rohini and Sector 18, Noida, including all leading hosiery and garment stores across the country. The specially designed socks are also available at the company’s webstore, www.bonjourretail.com.

Raj Kumar Jain, MD, Bonjour says, “We are glad to introduce a whole new range of socks with a judicious mix of fashion and health. Comfort is necessary when taking the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. This magnificent range of socks are not only comfortable to wear but also valuable for the health. I am sure many people will appreciate our range of Health Socks and add it in their collection of accessories.”

Made from 100 percent pure-softened cotton fibre, the Health Socks range are puritised, which means it is free from bacteria that causes foot odour. It is ideal for those with sensitive skin and suffering from itching of the foot.

The Health Socks come with loose top and stay in place even without elastic on the welt. Hence, it does not leave uncomfortable marks on the legs when the wearer removes the socks at the end of the day.