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    Pretr – India’s first omnichannel marketplace — unveiled at IMAGES Retail Technology Awards (IRTA)


    It’s an omnichannel world and the one who is not part of it will miss the bus. It’s high time that retailers reach out to customers by strategising effective omnichannel strategies. There are many technology support companies devising solutions on behalf of physical retailers, so they can stay at the top of the game. Bringing these technology retail support companies and retailers together on the same platform, was a task that was taken forward by the India Omnichannel Forum, which was the concurrent eventat India Retail Forum from September 15-16 in Mumbai.

    On the first day of the event, retailers who were able to provide a consistent and enhanced customer experience across all channels were honoured with the first-ever (IRTA), which were powered by Pretr. IRTA recognised excellence in concepts and formats leading the omni-channel revolution in India.

    At the awards ceremony, emcee , who is the Managing Editor, Technology at NDTV, conducted a demo of  recently launched Pretr app. Pretr is India’s first omnichannel marketplace and has been launched by Ambab, a leading internet and mobility engineering company headquartered at Mumbai, with offices across Hyderabad, Delhi, London and New York City.

    , Founder & CEO, Pretr, said at the launch, “Pretr brings customers back to the stores; it is blurring the difference between online and offline retail mediums. It helps in inventory reconciliation between online and offline channels.”

    Core features of Pretr include detailed product information and access to order history. Store associates can provide break-through customer service that is both highly informed and highly personalised.

    Pretr will be formally launched in the month of October,  but from September onwards, the app will have started pre-launch previews. Consumers can download the Pretr app, sign up and start dummy shopping. Five lucky winners will get free gifts on a daily basis.