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    Why Digital Marketers Are Quickly Adopting HTML5


    Modern retail has been the primary beneficiary of the meteoric rise of smartphones. Along with it, the advent of mobile advertising has completely transformed the landscape. HTML5 plugs into this ecosystem remarkably well and the benefits are not hard to comprehend…

    Responsive design has become extremely important for mobile advertising because of the fact that there are different shapes and sizes of mobile device screens. With hundreds of screen sizes and no single screen size taking up more than 17% share of the market, creating responsive banner ads that display correctly on all screen sizes is essential in order to make you display advertising campaign a success.

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    HTML5 helps you do just that. It enables marketers to build responsive banner ads that fit easily onto any screen or device. HTML5 is the latest version of Hyper Text Markup Language, the standard for which was finalised back in October 2014. It is a code-based language used to create online banner ads along with a huge range of website content.

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    The most striking feature of HTML5 is its adaptability to multiple screens. Banners advertisements will get re-sized automatically to fit into all mobile and tablet screen sizes without any need to create screen-specific ads.

    Also, the possibilities for video and rich media advertisements using HTML5 are far greater. Now its possible to place live price changes, promotional offers, countdown clocks, and several other interactive formats along with the banner ads.

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    HTML5 is also SEO-friendly since their code-based structure is accessible to web crawlers and search engines.

    Google announced recently that display ads created in Flash now will be converted automatically to HTML5 to make them eligible for viewing on mobile devices and browsers that do not support Flash. Until now, Google displayed a static image backup of an ad where Flash wasn’t supported.

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    A recent study by Sizmek, a mobile ad management software developer, looked into the consequences of running Flash ads on incompatible devices. The study found, unsurprisingly, that Flash ads performed only marginally better than static GIFs and found engagement rates through HTML5 ads to triple those of Flash. Sizmek’s study also claims that Mobile’s share (combining smartphone and tablet) of display impressions has almost doubled year-on-year to top 30% in Q1 of 2015.

    So it means a lot of costly Flash banners are going to waste! That makes a strong case for adopting HTML5 as early as possible.

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