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Javanese Lulur, Asian Roots Spa, Delhi


The Lulur, a luxurious body scrub dates back to 17th century as it originated in the royal palaces of Central Java. It is believed to be one of nature’s best exfoliating methods. Traditionally, brides-to-be of the royal families were given the treatment each day for 40 days prior to their wedding. The treatment cleanses, smoothens, softens and rejuvenates the skin. The Lulur recipe is made from a blend of finely ground Javanese native herbs, spices, powdered rice and the roots of satinwood, turmeric and curcuma heynena. It provides an invigorating total body exfoliation. This is concluded with a refreshing bath and moisturising session which leaves you completely pampered and glowing. The duration is 120 minutes and the price is Rs 5900 (inclusive of taxes).